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Simple. We know how to make a great mattress, and we won’t compromise on materials or craftsmanship. Unlike our competitors, we don’t have a huge advertising budget which inflates the cost of our products, and we’re not spending our money to get known. Hemingway is already well known. We have a lot of experience, and it shows.

Our international network of factories are driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of taking time to build the best products at the very best prices. We provide every one of our dealers with the tools they need to promote and support our products in a way that exceeds consumer expectation. Simple!

Made by American Artisans

Hand Tufting with Measured Comfort Made in the USA

Classic Traditions

Hand Tufting

Coil on Coil Construction 

Key West 

Key West 

Wrapped Coils and Latex

Affordable Luxury

Authentic Story

Environmentally Friendly

Luxury is about achieving quality, tailored to our taste, at a price we can afford. 

The romantic and international appeal of the Hemingway legend is embodied in the select group of products fit to bear his name.

We care for our environment by using environmentally friendly sustainable and recyclable materials of the highest quality.

Hemingway said, “I love to sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?


A luxury mattress inspired by the spirit of adventure embodied by Ernest Hemingway.


A Legendary Sleep for a Healthier Life

He needed a good mattress so he would awake feeling refreshed and clear headed. He got up early every day before 6 am. He made coffee and he went to his writing room, often standing up, and started pecking at his typewriter. He always started with what he called, “One True Sentence.”

Hemingway Slumbered

Mattress Qualities

Mattress Collection

Hemingway slumbered in the most beautiful hotels and took quick naps under the warm Caribbean sun.  

The mattress represents the qualities most associated with the American Legend. Made in America by hard working Americans.

Classic Tradition and Key West exemplify the full range of Hemingway’s travels and life experiences.