Hemingway Classic Traditions

Sunrise – Pillowtop

Autumn Breeze – Euro Design

Coral Cove – Firm

We selected the finest sustainable components for the Classic Collection

Organic New Zealand Wool

Delivering total-body comfort with unrivaled breathability, humidity control and assisting your body’s natural temperature-regulation process.

Natural Cotton

Cotton is cool and performs as a natural thermal barrier. Cotton naturally allows your skin to breathe and does not trap heat.

Talalay Latex

Natural Talalay latex adds to conformity and buoyancy.

Hand Tufting

Hand-tufting ensures durability and long-lasting comfort.

European Split Foundation

The Hemingway mattress can be purchased with a European split foundation which is supported by wooden legs.

Coil on Coil

Coil on coil utilizes 2,200 wrapped coils allowing each sleeping partner a heavenly sleep. 

Hemingway the Outdoorsman

Hemingway worked hard and played hard. He was an outdoorsman who appreciated the benefits of a good nights sleep.

Hemingway in Paris

 In Paris, Ernest Hemingway became a part of the Lost Generation, a group of writers under the influence of one very wise woman. Gertrude Stein was the mentor of many young writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ezra Pound, and James Joyce.